Jewelry Stories: Episode 1

Introducing “Jewelry Stories”…. a new segment where people can share their unique, awe-inspiring, heart-warming, and maybe even thought-provoking jewelry stories with our readers from around the globe. THIS MONTH: Shakti Ellenwood tells her heartwarming story about finding her passion as a goldsmith….

Submissions are open to everyone both inside, as well as, outside the jewelry industry, so if you have a great story that you would love to share, please use our Contact page to submit!

The Shakti Ellenwood Story:


I left England at the age of twenty-two and traveled for the next 7 years without any direction or goal. At twenty-nine I found myself very sick in India.

With a high fever I was unable to look after myself. An Israeli man, Asi, who had a room upstairs from me took me in and nursed me back to health.

He was a jeweller and sat at a tiny bench on the floor hammering, soldering and sawing, whilst I lay on his bed recuperating I gradually became fascinated by the intricacy and delicacy of the work.

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When it was time for me to leave he presented me with a gold ring set with a Tibetan turquoise. It was the start of my love affair with precious metals and colourful gemstones. I had finally found my passion…..

From there I travelled to San Francisco where I was fortunate to train under a fifth generation Armenian master goldsmith Hratch Nargizian, who remains my mentor to this very day.

I now reside in the English Countryside in the county of Somerset, where I continue to practice my passion.

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Each jewel is created lovingly, crafted by hand using the earth’s most precious riches; high karat gold and gem stones. I meticulously choose each stone from different sources around the world.

My inspiration comes from many years living in the Far East, the natural beauty and light of Ibiza (which was my home for 7 years) and ancient civilisations whose jewels capture my heart with their beauty and symbolism.

“To wear my jewellery, in the fast speed of our daily lives, is to add something comforting, not only to the body, but also to the heart.”

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My work is worn by celebrities such as Chrissie Hynde, Kate Moss, Sadie Frost, Ruby Wax, Marlon Richards and Marissa Tomei.

My Philosophy:

As we walk along this path called life, with it’s joys and challenges, many of us have a desire to find spiritual meaning.

As I work, I sing to my jewels weaving stories of love and protection into the very bones of them so that they become wearable blessings, similar to the amulets of Ancient Egypt.

The use of gold, colored gems, symbolism and singing, in my work, provides the wearer of the jewel with the gift of protection, spiritual well-being and empowerment.

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Gold has a strong relationship to the Sun and mainly represents the element of loving wisdom. It resonates that same relationship, the relationship to the heart.

Gold resonates at a very high frequency, and has the ability to carry extreme virtue. the very reason it is used in the building of temples and statues and things that radiate.

It holds the purity of vibration, so it becomes a powerful resonating tool much like crystal. It can generate hope, love and faith and the relationship to spirit.

I hope you enjoyed my story, and my jewelry creations,

Shakti Ellenwood

NOTE: My jewels are not available to buy in shops. I sell to private clients and through a various avenues on the internet.

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