Phioro is a luxury fine jewellery house that transforms the depth of your story into unparalleled creations.

Phioro Fine Jewellery Dubai & London

Established by Dubai native Clare Pardoe, launched in London, Phioro is renowned as one of the Middle East’s premier emerging luxury brands for exceptional, bespoke and limited edition fine jewellery.

Guided by an ethos of fearless sophistication; Phioro is derived from the Greek symbol ‘phi’ which represents beauty, proportions & perfection alongside the Italian word for gold – ‘oro’.

About Clare Pardoe, Phioro Founder & Designer

Trained at the prestigious Birmingham School of Jewellery in the UK, Clare Pardoe has spent the last several years making waves in the world of fine jewellery with her exquisite collections.

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Aspiring to grow into a global sensation, Phioro Jewellery has been noted and revered by some of the industry’s most influential taste makers since its inception in 2009.

Clare’s striking creations have been featured in editorials worldwide. Phioro designs have been embraced and worn by international starlets including Katy Perry, Michelle Rodriguez, Yousra, Bushra, Lily Cole and Sarah Bolger.


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You can find out more about Phioro and Clare Pardoe at their official website, or via their Facebook Page, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

UPDATE: I love the new feature and will certainly share it across our social media channels. -Clare Pardoe-

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