Sharing The Rough is a documentary film that follows the lives of the people that uncover and share in the transformation of a gemstone.

I was recently contacted by Documentary Filmmaker Orin Mazzoni to see if I would be interested in helping promote his upcoming documentary film “Sharing The Rough”

Sharing The Rough

Sharing the rough follows a gem from the mine to the finished jewelry design.

Sharing the Rough is an endeavor that will capture the realism and appreciation of the world of colored gemstones. It will follow a gem through the hands of the East African miners who bring these treasures to the surface, to the faceter who breathes life into the gems, and finally to the designer who creates the work of art that will accentuate the beauty of the gem.

Never before has a film documented this process from start to finish! The story will be conveyed in both an educational and informational way, while also using a style of filming that will create a visual force that will be dramatic and stimulating.

The project will establish the world of the documentary in a factual yet narrative way, guiding the audience towards a journey of self-discovery through the characters and story, in a way that is genuine, inspirational, and entertaining.

Miner Cutter Designer

The film documents the process from Miner to Cutter and finally the Designer

Since the beginning of time, men and woman have been fascinated by the beautiful gems that our planet has gifted us with. It is for this reason the producers know that “Sharing the Rough” will act as an emotional and story driven documentary that will reach an audience that stretches across the globe.

The Miner:

The world of the miners in East Africa is of utmost importance. This will be the first film of its kind that documents the true story of the miner, without self-interest, and how they make it possible for precious gemstones to be part of our lives.

The intention of this film with respect to the miner is to serve as a documented piece of history, and acknowledge their world to those that otherwise would never understand the process.

The Gemcutter:

The film will document the real life experiences of Roger Dery, “The Gemcutter”, as not only a world-renowned faceter, but also as a teacher and agent for growth and compassion.

Roger is not only a talented faceter, but also a philanthropist and teacher.  We will capture the workings between Roger and the miners, to not only find that one-of-a- kind gemstone, but also share the relationships that Roger has built over many visits to East Africa – including the financial and moral support of faceting schools, as well as the training techniques that Roger brings each time he lands on the African continent.

The Jewelry Designer:

Once we’ve told the story of the origin of the gem, the mining process and faceting process, we will document the method of making that one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that will serve as it’s host.

Here we will document the design techniques of a fine jewelry designer, from the mental imagery to the actual creation of the piece, and how the designer finds the vision to create the perfect piece of art for each gemstone individually.

Whether the inspiration comes from those we meet in our travels, or from the inner glow of the gemstone itself, the artistry will be nothing short of amazing to capture on film as the final piece of the puzzle.

The film is currently under development, and shooting will start in January of 2014. In the meantime, they are actively soliciting investors via the site: “indiegogo” to off-set the production costs! You can become part of its success by donating at the “indiegogo” website!

For more on this exiting film be sure to check out their website as well as their social media accounts:

Their Facebook Page, Twitter account, Pinterest, and Instagram

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