VIDEO POST: How to Buy a Diamond

Buying a diamond in today’s retail environment can seem like a daunting task for even the most ardent of shoppers.

What are the factors that affect a diamond’s quality, and how does that in turn affect the overall value of a particular diamond?

This short video, produced by The Gemological Institute of America, will guide you through the famous Four Cs, and explain in layman’s terms how each affects the quality of a diamond, and ultimately how it directly relates to its cost; and your budget!

In less than 10 minutes you will become an educated knowledgeable consumer ready to tackle today’s, often confusing, jewelry retail environment with confidence!

If after this video you still have some more questions we suggest having a closer look at our more in-depth articles on Clarity,  Cut,  Color, and Carat-Weight.

Should you have any additional questions about this, or any other jewelry related topics, you can always: “Ask the Jeweller”

Source: The Gemological Institute of America

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