Largest Faceted Sapphire Up For Sale

The Guinness-certified world’s largest sapphire, weighing in at 31,308 cts is up for sale.

The Ophir Collection of rare gemstones includes the Ophir Sapphire, which, at 31,308 carats, holds the distinction of being the world’s largest faceted sapphire.

The collection consists of some 40 gemstones, the majority of which, says the Ophir Collection LLC, are the largest known specimens of their kind in the world. All of the gemstones in the collection, bar one, have been certified by the GIA.

The collection also includes the Ophir Mystique, a gemstone that so far remains unidentified by the GIA and other gem identification authorities.

A release from the company did not say where and when it would be sold, but spokesperson Kris Astor suggests the sapphire, and others in the accompanying 40-piece collection, may be sold via private auction.

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