Orange Diamond Sells for 36million

The largest  known to exist fancy-vivid orange diamond sells for 36million US at Christie’s International in Geneva today.

The Orange Diamond

“The Orange” diamond sells for $36 Million

The 14.82-carat pear-shaped stone’s price including fees was about $2.4 million per carat, according to the auction house at last night’s sale. This was a per-carat record for any colored diamond at a public sale. The gem also set a record for an orange diamond of its type, Christie’s said.

“There are buyers out there for these great rarities,” Bennett said in an interview Nov. 8. “There are moments to offer these things and there are moments when it just doesn’t feel right. This does feel like one of the right moments.”

While pink and blue diamonds regularly appear at auctions, the orange stones are much rarer.

“As far as orange diamonds go, it has no peer,” Alan Bronstein, a consultant in colored diamonds who knows the stone, said before last night’s sale.

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