Spotlight: The House of Mouzannar

Since the 1820s The House of Mouzannar has been established as a leading fine jeweler in the Middle East.

DESIGN SPOTLIGHT: The House of Mouzannar

In the 1950s the late Aziz Mouzannar and his brother Walid made significant contributions to the transformation of Beirut’s Jeweler’s Souk, positioning it as a main jewelry destination for the entire Middle East.

During the Lebanese Civil War the Souk was demolished, but it did not affect the prestige of the Mouzannar family whose name remains as an absolute reference in the jewelry industry.

The creations made by the house of Aziz and Walid Mouzannar are inspired by Middle Eastern tradition and antiquity with a contemporary feel, making them timeless classics, sought for their high value and emotional substance.

Creations by the house of Mouzannar are inspired by Middle Eastern traditions.

Creations by The House of Mouzannar are inspired by Middle Eastern traditions.

Walid Mouzannar, educated in the field of law, leads with his lively personality which endeared him to the loyal clientele base both nationally and internationally.

Walid is the strategic link between the six generations of the fine jewelry lineage. He has brought wisdom, innovation and imagination to the brand, maintaining the highest level of standards.

The company is now helmed by Walid and the sixth generation of Mouzannars. They share a passion for the beautiful craft through high-end creations while placing their talents under the same signature, Aziz and Walid Mouzannar. This seal, steeped in history, is in itself a guaranty of value, trust, and quality preserved by the two main designers Dory and Alia.


Dory Mouzannar joined the family business in 1991 after receiving his degree in economics in London and continuing with a specialization in gemology. His artistic vision and sense of perfection led him to put together a skilled team of workers and renewed the company workshops.

Designs by Dori Mouzannar

Dori’s designs introduce modernity to traditional Middle Eastern influences.

His designs introduce modernity to traditional jewelry, creating a timeless and unique character within each individual piece. Keeping in line with his ancestor’s heritage, Dory puts his heart into his work with a daring style oriented towards seduction.


Alia Mouzannar studied architecture before embracing jewelry design in 2003. In addition to her rigorous training, she has a wide visual culture and a passion for contemporary art which inspires her creations.

Her pieces are characterized by an exceptional sense of proportion, harmony, poetry, humor and a free spirit. Emotional value combined with luxury and glamour is inherent to her unique jewelry.

Alia Mouzannar studied interior design at the Lebanese Academy of fine Arts. In 2000, she joined a design and architecture company, before setting up her own company A&W Mouzannar  jewelry.

The "folding love" bracelet and the "shi-ning" necklace by Alia Mouzannar.

The “folding love” bracelet and the “shi-ning” necklace by Alia Mouzannar.

She followed diamond and jewelry design courses at HRD Antwerp and participated in an exhibition in Paris and the National Museum of Beirut.

Her “Folding in Love” bracelet won 2nd place for the 2011 HRD Diamond and Jewellery awards in Shanghai.

In 2013 she was short-listed from over 2,000 entries as one of the top 30 designers for her SHY_NING necklace design submission for the 2013 HRD Diamond and Jewellery Awards.

From what we were told it appears that there is no shortage of ideas coming from the Mouzannar family who, after 6 generations, are clearly still delivering jewelry designs that are fresh, relevant, and true to their Middle Eastern traditions.

(The gallerie below shows 6 individual designs by Alia and Dori Mouzannar. Click any photo to start slide-show)

You can stay in touch with The House of Mouzannar through their website as well as  their Facebook Page, Twitter account or via Instagram.

Update: “Thank you so much for this beautiful feature, and all your support!!!!”  -Aziz & Walid Mouzannar-

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