Scarselli Diamonds Design

Thumb Scarselli

Specifically created for Valentine's Day this amazing new design by Scarselli Diamonds symbolizes the union of 2 hearts. It features a 1.28 ct fancy deep pink VS-1 and a 1.25ct fancy deep blue IF GIA certified heart shape diamonds perfectly enhanced by 6.89 carats rows of pink and colorless diamonds. It showcases … [Read more...]

“Amazonia” by Scarselli

Scarselli Tumb

"Rising up, the sun is slowly heating up the sleepy nature of the forest. Piercing through the thick verdant summits and reflecting in the fine dewdrops of thousands of leaves, the sun rays create a myriad of sparkling diamonds." "The alliance of the intense green of the leaves and the gold light is captivating. Amazonia is an … [Read more...]

Jewelry Stories: Episode 1


Introducing "Jewelry Stories".... a new segment where people can share their unique, awe-inspiring, heart-warming, and maybe even thought-provoking jewelry stories with our readers from around the globe. THIS MONTH: Shakti Ellenwood tells her heartwarming story about finding her passion as a goldsmith.... … [Read more...]

SPOTLIGHT: Devam of Boca Raton

Dev-Ind-449 FOR POST

Devam Jewellery is a jewellery design company currently based out of Boca Raton that was founded by the Jhaveri family 6 generations ago. For the past 20 years the company has been operating from a small private boutique, but are looking to open their first retail store-front in 2016. All of their designs are completely … [Read more...]

Crater of Diamonds Park Yields 6.19 ct

A man has found a 6.19 ct. white diamond at Crater of Diamonds Park in Murfreesboro, Ark.

A man has found a 6.19 ct. white diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Ark. David Anderson has named the diamond, which he found in the East Drain area of the park, the Limitless Diamond in honor of the religious charity Speed the Light. He plans to give all proceeds … [Read more...]

Masters of Jewellery Design in Canada

Masters of Jewellery Design Volume 2

"Masters of Jewellery Design in Canada" the first-ever books about fine jewellery in Canada highlight a talented group of designers who have won every major international award, and have earned prestigious jewellery commissions from people ranging from Pope John II to Uma Thurman. … [Read more...]

Design Spotlight: RUIFIER of London


New British fine jewellery brand RUIFIER launched just 8 weeks ago at Claridges. The creative team is headed up by the creative director Rachel Shaw. Based in London, RUIFIER is a brand that is passionate about design, quality and luxury. The directors travel the world to gather inspiration and … [Read more...]


Sharing the rough

Sharing The Rough is a documentary film that follows the lives of the people that uncover and share in the transformation of a gemstone. I was recently contacted by Documentary Filmmaker Orin Mazzoni to see if I would be interested in helping promote his upcoming documentary film "Sharing The Rough" … [Read more...]

West Coast Premiere: Masters of Dreams

Masters of Dreams

We were recently contacted by French Connection Films to help promote their upcoming West Coast Premiere of their newly released DVD "Master of Dreams" at The Gemological Institute of America headquarters in Carlsbad, CA, this coming Wednesday, Sept. 18. "Master of Dreams" is a four-part documentary series … [Read more...]

Design Spotlight: Pallavi Foley

Pallavi Foley

Known for her innovation of avant-garde jewellery pieces, Pallavi Foley is one of India’s leading jewellery designers.  Creative visionary is a word synonymous with Pallavi Foley who graduated as an accessories designer from the National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi in 2000, and then worked … [Read more...]