Tino Hammid: Gemstone Photographer

Tino Hammid is an internationally renowned gem and jewellery photographer whose work has appeared in most major jewellery publications.

Tino Hammid

Tino Hammid

From 1980 to 1982 he was a staff gem photographer at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Santa Monica, California.

In 1983 he started his freelance career in gem and jewellery photography and began a 25 year association with David Federman providing photographs for Modern Jeweler’s monthly Gem Profile column. During this period they jointly won two Jesse H. Neal awards from the Association of Business Publishers.

In 1987 he acquired Christie’s Auction house as a client and photographed more than a hundred of their jewellery sales catalogues. Over the last 33 years, he has contributed photographs to countless other books and publications, ‘The Handbook of Gemmology’ being the latest.

His business is currently located in Los Angeles, California.

Most of these photos by Tino Hammid appear in the first edition of ‘The Handbook of Gemmology’ , written by Geoffrey Dominy, and published in 2013. All in all there are 160 amazing color-plates by Tino included in the book!

The book is digitally published on DVD and is available from the Handbook of Gemmology website as a digital download , for both desktop as well as all mobile devices and tablets, starting at $39.99.

We highly recommend having a look! (Back in July of 2013, at the time of publishing we had the privilege to be formally asked to do a review. It is well-worth reading if you are considering a purchase)

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