How To Untangle A Necklace

It doesn’t take long for a loose necklace — clasped or unclasped — to wind itself into a snarl of tangles. That’s why we recommend storing your necklaces in a  a purpose-built organizer.

Untangle a Necklace

That said, if your favorite chain has already turned into a jumbled mess, you can fix it. Here’s how:

Clean off some well-lit counter or table space. Bring a lamp over if you need to — being able to see exactly what you’re doing is well worth the effort.

Spread the offending necklace(s) out on your workspace. Emphasis on the word spread — the less the tangles are piled together, the easier it’ll be able to see what you’re working with. Handle the necklace gently, because the last thing you want to do is yank on any part of it. Pulling on the necklace could weld loose tangles into an impenetrable knot.

Leave the necklace clasped if that’s how it started. If it started out unclasped, leave it that way too.

If more than one necklace is tangled together first focus on separating the necklaces from each other, starting with the least tangled. Then work on removing any remaining tangles in each necklace.

Don’t start at one end of the necklace. Instead, look for places where one loop of the necklace has poked through a second loop, which then tightened around the first loop, trapping it in a knot of sorts. Insert the slender tool of your choice into the knot — safety pins, straight pins, metal dental picks, paperclips, or tapestry needles all work well — and gently tease the second loop loose enough for you to extract the “captive” loop.

Spread each newly-untangled part of the necklace(s) out on the workspace as you go, and take stock continually — as you loosen the tangles one by one, it’ll get easier to tell how they unravel.

Loosen any other stubborn knots with the same method — insert your tools into the middle of the knot and work them gently back and forth to generate a little slack. Sometimes rolling a knot gently between your fingers can create slack too. Once you have some slack you’ll be able to better tackle individual parts of the knots, working from the outside in.

Once you’ve identified and extracted any captive loops, it’s time to start from one end of the necklace and gently thread that end back through any remaining knots. (If the necklace was clasped, now’s the time to unclasp it.) Remember to never, ever pull on the necklace; instead use your tools to gently loosen the knots, then gently draw the loose end of the necklace back through them.

If you’re stumped by a particularly tight knot, apply a few drops of baby oil to loosen the bind.

Be patient. The worse the tangle the longer it’ll take for you to undo it. Allow yourself plenty of time to work on it, and if you find yourself getting frustrated, just walk away and come back later.

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